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The Fee-Only Difference


Individuals have numerous financial companies and advisors to choose from when seeking financial planning services.  In this crowded field, Mersereau, Lazenby & Rockas stands out by incorporating the following important principals into our practice:



As a Fee-Only financial planning firm, we do not accept commissions on products recommended or services provided.  This allows us to focus our full attention on the advice and recommendations given to the client.  The client’s interests are always placed at the center of the services provided.


Objective & Impartial

A financial advisor faces an inherent conflict of interest if he or she has a financial incentive in any recommendation presented to a client.  The advice given to the client cannot be considered objective and impartial since the advisor benefits from acceptance of this recommendation.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of financial advisors in the United States are not giving advice but rather selling financial products.  Their income is often dependent upon their ability to steer clients into products that pay large commissions to the advisor.  Most individuals do not recognize the significance of this conflict of interest.


We believe that the Fee-Only approach is the only service model that eliminates this conflict of interest.  Our compensation is not based on the recommendations we provide or the advice given.  We believe that complete transparency in the terms of our service allows us to provide advice that is truly objective and impartial.


Comprehensive Approach

Each individual has unique circumstances and financial goals.  We understand that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach for financial planning.  It is necessary to gain a full understanding of the client’s circumstances in order to provide financial planning advice that is valuable and useful to the client.  Our goal is to maintain a broad perspective when providing financial planning services for our clients.


Acting in the Client’s Best Interests

All too often the interests of the advisor are placed before the interests of the client.  The recommendations given often place the advisor's financial interests first.  This is not the case with Mersereau, Lazenby & Rockas. We take the trust you place in us seriously and focus only on your financial goals.  As a Fee-Only provider, we have no hidden agendas. Your financial success will always be placed at the forefront of our efforts on your behalf.


Learn More About the Fee-Only Difference

Mersereau, Lazenby & Rockas is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).  This Association is a network of financial advisors who share similar convictions about the benefits of the fee-only service model.  To learn more about the benefits of using a fee-only financial advisor, click on the NAPFA logo below: