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Financial Planning


Our process of financial planning begins with you.  We work closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique circumstances and financial goals.  During this process we will provide an objective assessment of your current financial progress as well as a summary of recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals.  This information is all presented in the financial plan, which we hope will be a valuable tool you will continue to use well beyond our financial planning meeting.


Our financial planning process can provide you with an assessment your financial progress in important areas such as Investments and Retirement Planning, or even more specialized areas such as education funding, estate and tax planning, and stock options planning.


We realize that the financial planning needs of our clients may vary.  As such, you may choose to receive financial planning in only one area such as investments or receive comprehensive financial planning covering many important areas.



Investment Analysis

For many individuals, the world of investing is complex and can be confusing.  Many individuals do not have a personal investment strategy in place when investing.  Through our investment analysis we will help you refine your investment strategy with objective information and useful advice. Our comprehensive investment analysis is a process which includes:

Retirement Goals

Do you have enough saved in order to retire on time?  Do you want to know what steps are necessary to retire early?  Our retirement planning process will examine the progress you are currently making to accomplish your retirement savings goals.  We will show you if you are on track and provide a roadmap to help you reach your goals. The Retirement Planning process will address the following areas:

What to Expect in the Planning Process

The financial planning process is made up of several stages.  During the financial planning process you can expect the following steps:


1)    No-Obligation Consultation - This step is optional but is meant to provide you with an opportunity to learn about our firm and the services we provide.


2)    Data Gathering – The most important stage in the financial planning process is the data gathering.  We will seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current financial circumstances and your future financial goals by having you complete simple questionnaires and provide relevant account statements.


3)   Plan Development – This step involves reviewing the client’s information and developing a financial plan that addresses the important areas that are being examined.  The summary and recommendations are organized into a financial plan to be presented to the client


4)   Presentation of Plan – The completed financial plan is presented to the client and reviewed together.  It is important for the client to understand the details of the plan and the recommendations provided.


5)   Periodic Follow-up – It is recommended that clients routinely review the progress they are making to accomplish their financial goals.  The financial plan that is developed and given to the client will help measure that progress.  If it is helpful for the client to review their progress with a financial planner we are happy to serve in this way.